Pursuit of Balance for Children


 Feeling peaceful in their body + mind + spirit 

 Being present 

 Embodying resiliency 

 Able to transcend negative emotions 

 Developing self-awareness and self-discipline 

 Communicating their feelings 

 Acting with kindness and compassion 

We created the Pursuit of Balance (POB) Lifestyle Model and framework to teach life skills for all ages. They are simple, teachable tools that help to reduce stress, increase focus, gain clarity, and build confidence. The POB Lifestyle incorporates daily self-sustaining habits that are inclusive for the whole family. In conjunction with the POB Program for adults, we have adapted the same concepts for children ages 3 and up. 


The children’s program combines Montessori philosophy, emotional and neuro intelligence, and the practices and hallmarks of the POB Lifestyle. The POB Practices are taught both in-person and virtually in a variety of ways. This may include but is not limited to storybooks, songs, physical activities, discussions, or any other hands-on material they complete independently. 


Children gain the skills they need to live a resilient, healthy lifestyle. We have created a powerful and practical brain-based approach to rewire responses and reactions in a child. Our approach teaches how to reframe thoughts and empowers each individual to live with resilience and confidence. A life in balance.


Virtual and in-person opportunities for both parents and children will be offered by various POB Life Strategy Coaches.


We look forward to you and your child joining us on this journey of balance.


what clients are saying

“Our son thoroughly enjoyed the camp. Kendra and Rachael were fantastic and made our first virtual camp fun and engaging, for all the children. Learning the skills and discipline to recognize his emotions and how to balance them is something that will pay him dividends throughout his life.”   


~ Michael T  

Son participated in May 2020


Family involvement is a significant part of the Pursuit of Balance Lifestyle. Working with children in any form requires an education of the parent(s)/guardian(s). Children will gain knowledge and be substantially impacted during their time in school with their teachers, but that is not all-encompassing. They go home and spend time with family, who impact them. Therefore, if the parent(s)/guardian(s) can help to reinforce what the children have learned with POB, it will benefit all. Offering opportunities for the children to teach their parents the POB concepts and tools can also be a win-win situation. It helps to encourage the children to teach what they’ve learned. The outcome is a child who feels confident being able to educate their parent(s)/guardian(s) and siblings, which doesn’t happen often. 


Additionally, it would be a bonus for parent(s)/guardian(s), on a personal level to go through the POB Program. This program is a lifestyle. If the parent(s)/guardian(s) are embodying the POB Lifestyle, it will help them grow as individuals, which then impacts the family as a whole. You move together through life with more ease.