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our favorite resources for the family

Quick Reads



3-6 year olds​​

6-9 year olds ​​

9-12 year olds

12-15 year olds 


  • Teaching Mindfulness to Empower Adolescents. By Matthew Brensilver, JoAnna Hardy, Oren Jay Sofer.

  • The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate By Susan Kaiser Greenlan



Online Resources

  • Parent Child Press - publishes books promoting parenting, Montessori education, art education, and the spiritual growth of children.

  • "Easy Ways to Use Montessori at Home" (website) - Simple ways to use Montessori-inspired principles in your home

  • Facebook - Like The Mindful Teen on Facebook to receive regular inspirational quotes, poems, and articles to help you keep your mindfulness practice fresh and alive.



  • Mindful Kids Activity Cards -

  • “Inner Explorer program is a series of daily 5-10-minute audio-guided mindfulness practices. The program focuses on key areas of development, bringing mindfulness to education and helping students prepare for learning. Daily practice teaches kids the practical techniques to appropriately handle difficult emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger and more. Inner Explorer offers programs for all age-groups (PreK-12).” -

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