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Empty Your Bucket

Is it time to “Empty Your Bucket”?

This past week, the theme of “emptying your bucket” has come up over and over. In this metaphor, the “bucket” is the place where experiences, memories, joyful moments, hurts, daily obligations, expectations, and anticipation are held. When the bucket is not emptied regularly, it can become so full, it spills over. The result of the overflow is the spilling of our overly stressed and overwhelmed energy into the world. Let’s send light into the world instead!

How can you empty your bucket?

Making time to connect to your heart and bring yourself back into the moment is an excellent way to center yourself and allow the bucket to empty.

The Pursuit of Balance (POB) Practices help to make space and release tension and stress. They help you return to calm, peace, and your inner light. One of the practices is called Present Moment Focused Awareness. This practice brings you into the present moment and allows you to connect with yourself to understand what is going on and what you need. It also can bring a sense of peace by returning you to the wonder of what is happening around you.

One of my favorite ways to practice Present Moment Focus Awareness is to sit in my backyard, close my eyes and listen deeply to the chirping of the birds. This two-minute practice allows me to become aware of what is going on around me. It helps me step out of my head and into the moment. This practice slows my pace and allows more space in my “bucket”.

Another Pursuit of Balance practice is checking in with what is going on in your body. This is done by closing your eyes and asking, “what’s going on in my body” or doing a body scan, from the top of your head to your toes, and noticing what is happening. Are you tense in your shoulders? Is your gut talking to you? Does your right baby toe hurt? When we check in with our body, we are able to connect with what is happening for us in the moment. This information enables us to make a choice for how we want to respond. For example, we may realize we need to speak up about something or change our plans.

When we are at choice, we move into our power and can create more space in the bucket. We release the power of past events and operate from a sense of what is important to us in this immediate, present moment.

While there are many more practices that can return us to calm and release tension that may spill over, one of the most powerful is expressing gratitude. When we focus on what we are grateful for, we move into a higher vibration and create space for lightness and ease.

You are invited to stop and assess, is it time to “empty my bucket”? If the answer is YES, try slowing down and bringing yourself into the present moment, pause and check in with your body, and bring gratitude into your heart.

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