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Ground Yourself - Forget The Shoes

At times, we all have experienced feeling ungrounded. Maybe you feel disconnected or out of touch with yourself and/or others. It may show up as feelings of overwhelmedness, irritability, fear, anxiety, etc. It is important that we continue to find ways to ground ourselves, in order to feel more centered and in control. Being grounded allows you to reduce stress, feel more calm, and overall has a positive impact on your well-being.

In Pursuit of Balance, we have many different POB Practices that are set up to help you remain grounded, or come back to a place of being grounded. Present Moment Focused Awareness, Focused Breathing, Mantra, What’s Going on In My Body (body scan), Self-Love, Interpret Symbolism, and Expressing Gratitude are just some examples of the POB Practices related to becoming grounded. Whether it’s through the adult program or children’s program, these practices are beneficial and essential.

Another, more specific, way to ground yourself is to connect to nature. This can be done best by putting your bare feet on the earth. This grounding technique is also referred to as “earthing.” So often we may be in nature, but when was the last time you walked barefooted outside? Whether you're an adult or a child - I encourage you to do this! 

We so often hear, or say ourselves, children being told they have to put their shoes on before they step outside. In today’s fast-paced, technology filled world, children are already spending more time indoors. Being barefoot outdoors allows children to explore more, gives sensory feedback, helps build their gross motor control, stimulates their imagination, builds an appreciation for nature, and overall promotes more peace! I encourage you to allow children in your life to get outside and stay barefoot (in safe environments, of course) - and adults, join in! Be the role model for the child, and do it for your own well-being as well. 

With love & light,

Rachael Walston

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