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Letter From Our Founder

First off, thank you for taking the time to read how Pursuit of Balance came to be. We are happy you are here. I say “we” because to get to this point at all, it has taken what feels like a lifetime and a village of people that hold this extraordinary vision for change.

Pursuit of Balance is my life passion.

I started my career in 1996 by founding a life coaching company focused on researching patterns of behavior in people during transitional and life-changing events. Specifically, how to achieve peacefulness in the body, mind, and soul during and after these events. It was fascinating to see that the patterns are associated with our reactionary responses to fight or flight and involve extended variations of a grief cycle.

My personal study, research, and teaching has been consistent from the beginning - assisting individuals back to wholeness after life-altering events. My focus is teaching individuals how to access their inherent ability, which aids their process of recalibrating their mental wellbeing. This is my life’s passion.

I have been privileged to witness incredible changes, transformation and miracles happen for individuals of ALL ages. What I was seeing was a consistent pattern. When I talk with people all over the world, and in conversations with family, friends, children, and colleagues… it wasn’t that people were not happy - it was that they were not at peace. They are not peaceful inside.

In 2016, after numerous conversations with the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s student body president and my daughter, who was vice president, about the stress of life on and off campus, that consistent “not feeling peaceful” pattern emerged again. Then, after three suicides happened within a year, I felt I needed to dig deeper and connect with the students. That same year we conducted an on-campus survey called The Happiness Project and it resulted in over 700 responses.

The research showed that people reported being happy - but not peaceful. They felt stress, anxiety, and confusion, to name a few mental or emotional symptoms, which resulted in an imbalanced, not peaceful, individual. In addition, the respondents had no intention of reaching out to a college counselor or to seek help. The stigma tied to mental health and the shame surrounding people knowing you are seeing a therapist or admitting to peers something is amiss was just not an option. This is another topic of conversation around what we have modeled to our children as acceptable to ask for and welcome: HELP.

We found that many needed a new way to deal with life and a way to take back their mental health. The outcome and the conclusion of our research is the Pursuit of Balance Program (POB). Pursuit of Balance came to life.

Pursuit of Balance has since transcended generations, age, race, social status, and title to be the seed of change. The program has received accolades from families, classrooms, and businesses. We have adapted the same curriculum we use with adults for ages 2 and older. The concept and principles of the program are consistent; it is the vehicle to achieve peace and internal change.

This program is founded on lifestyle practices and measured hallmark results. Statistical evidence, testimonials, and continual contact with impacted individuals show us that the program resulted in saved friendships, jobs, marriages, and lives. It has also improved school and job performance, health and mental efficacy, and has impacted individual lives overall by providing a sustainable, thriving lifestyle.

The testimonials we continue to receive both verbally and written verify the impact of this program. I know this to be true, both from what I have witnessed in individuals who have participated in the program and personally experienced in my life. I have spent thousands of dollars on countless workshops, hours and hours of therapy, and time attending many self-help classes, all of which, were “quick fixes.” I was ignoring the fact I needed structure, a lifestyle process for “how to” get out of my suffering. I was stuck in an endless pattern of thinking and believing that I could do it on my own.

Throughout the years, I have listened to individuals battling with their disappointment about not getting the results they hoped they’d gain through various programs, training, and self-help work. This is when I share with them that we have a proven, positive and measurable program that they can count on. Let me show you what will work.

75.68% of participants reported a significant positive increase in happiness upon completing the Pursuit of Balance Program. Many described their current state as “fulfilled,” “happy,” “growing”, and “more grounded.”

I can't help but ask, what more are you willing to lose, what more are “we” willing to lose, who else will we lose, and what is it costing us by not saying YES to beginning this work today. We individually, quite frankly, need to be the empowered change.

Leading the way for this radical change are five certified coaches and over 100 program graduates. To read more about the program and further statistics, please browse our website.

With love and gratitude,

Kendra Goheen, Founder of Pursuit of Balance

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