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Make the One Change

Entering a new year, we look to the new year and develop intentions to make change. Make the one change, the one small change that enables growth. Physical health is important and I promised to start walking ten minutes at a time, outside in nature and inside the office if that was what worked that day. Soon I was adding the next ten minutes and the next. It was easy to build to 30 to 40 minutes of walking each day. From zero to forty minutes with one small change. Mental health and resiliency are paramount to a life fully experienced. One small change to take deep breaths to calm, create space, and alter the course of a triggered mind. When the anxious moments cause the brain to head in a habitual path, take a deep breath. The pause is an opportunity for the mind to calm, and it allows space for better outcomes to emerge. Spiritual practices fully applied in all parts of life, develop life into its richest moments. Upon waking, allow time for thoughtful contemplation. In the delicate space of day’s beginning, thank the universe for all parts of life, thank the universe for the opportunity to learn, and grow, and evolve. Begin the day with gratitude and the day changes. End the day with gratitude and the universe responds in kind. One small change, make the one small change that becomes the pebble dropped into the water radiating out with change. Physical health changes, mental acuity emerges, and spiritual practices arise to support a life well lived.


Nancy Lynk

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