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Practicing Gratitude When Life is Hard

Practicing gratitude is one of my favorite ways to transcend negative emotions. We find it easy to practice gratitude when life is going well, but what about the days when nothing seems to be going right? This presents an interesting opportunity to strengthen the POB practice of expressing gratitude.

I find it helpful to start with thinking of the smallest things to be thankful for when I notice I am triggered or experiencing negative emotions. This allows me to make the choice to move through these feelings. Being disciplined is important because it is not always easy to be grateful when life is hard, but it is a great habit to form. To start, I think of something very small to be grateful for like having gas in my tank, having a fully charged phone, or even just having clothes on my back. What can you think of right now that you can be grateful for? Think of this and thank your source. How does this make you feel?

The next time you feel yourself in or slipping into a mood funk, try expressing gratitude for the small things in your life. Notice what this does for your mood.

With love,


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Great reminder, Heather!! Thanks and all the best to you! Melissa

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