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Renewing Moments

Moments in solitude are very important to me and when I can spend time on a beautiful beach, in solitude, it is truly renewing. On this day, I walked the beach, feeling gratitude for a few stolen moments and the beauty of the day. The freedom to walk, not in a straight line, but instead create a curvy, wandering path, leaving only my footprints behind.

As I look back upon this picture, I am met with the question …”how can I create more moments of solitude and wandering footprints? More importantly, how can I give myself the gift of freedom from responsibility and expectation, if only for a few moments?”. My immediate feeling is that this is a hard question to answer, yet, in truth, it is not. It is a return to the practices and resulting hallmarks I know so well from Pursuit of Balance. It is simply a matter of granting myself permission to focus on Self-Love and Making a Choice. With these Pursuit of Balance practices, I am allowing myself to spend time in stillness, reflection, solitude and giving myself the gift of a break to renew and refuel.

For you, how can you create more moments of solitude for yourself? Which Pursuit of Balance practices can you tap into to take you there?

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