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This event has been rescheduled to the following date:

WHAT: Checking In - What are you Resisting?
WHEN: Saturday, November 13th at 11:00am CT
FACILITATOR: POB Life Strategy Coach - Jennifer Sanders


Join a powerful experience and discussion focused on shifting from resistance into Inspired Action!

Are you feeling a bit stuck and not sure why? Our Pursuit of Balance Event: Checking In - What are you Resisting is the perfect chance to be with yourself and others in a safe space to uncover what you are resisting and to shift into inspired action.


Jen creates a safe and allowing space for insight and inspiration. During the session Jen will share a bit about how each of us experiences feeling resistance or stuck. She will lead a meditation and journaling experience that supports going inward to connect in with your heart and intuition to receive information about your next inspired action. 

What you will need: a quiet, private place to be during the session, pen, paper or journal and a candle.

This virtual event requires live participation and will NOT be available as a Replay.

Checking In - What are you resisting?

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