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WHEN: Monday, June 21st - Friday June 25th from 8:00am - 8:45am CT 

FACILITATORS: POB Life Strategy Coaches - Rachael Gaunce & Kendra Goheen


Imagine feeling peace in your body + mind + spirit regardless of what’s going on in your life. Imagine you have the skills to shift your limiting beliefs and perspective in order to feel empowered and authentic even in the midst of challenges and obstacles. Imagine feeling this at a young age, and continuing it throughout your whole life. Your child will learn this (and more) during our time together.


This summer, Kendra Goheen (creator and writer of the Pursuit of Balance Program, Accredited Professional Lifestyle Coach, and Spiritual Director) and Rachael Gaunce (AMS Accredited Montessori Teacher and Certified POB Lifestyle Coach) are excited to offer TWO summer camp options to incorporate these balanced lifestyle habits in young children.


This camp will be virtual. We will start our morning on Zoom for 45 mins each day, Monday through Friday. We will work in a small group with your child to learn and practice the POB Practices that contribute to the Hallmarks of the POB Lifestyle. You will also be given tools to help reinforce these practices at home.


Download our flyer HERE.

POB Lifestyle Virtual Camp (on Zoom)

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