Meet our Life Strategy Coaches


Pursuit of Balance Life Strategy Coaches core values are Integrity, Trust, Accountability, Curiosity, Humility, and Grace  



The Pursuit of Balance (POB) Life Strategy Coach Pathway is a twelve month, empirically-based certification program. The training is based on the work and research of Kendra Goheen.

The focus of our training program is to help each POB Life Strategy Coach Intern build confidence and refine their teaching, communication and interpersonal skills, by providing the necessary resources and tools to bring the Pursuit of Balance Program to a broader audience. 


Pursuit of Balance Life Strategy Coaches foster learning to shift limiting beliefs and perspectives to inspire positive change and growth.



Certified POB Life Strategy Coach

Jacob is a certified Pursuit of Balance Life Strategy Coach and graduate student at University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he is pursuing his Masters in Education. Jacob received his bachelor’s in Physical Education and Health in May 2020. He has worked in a variety of settings with the youth including coaching youth sports, teaching elementary physical education, and leading a surf camp for children. He takes pride teaching Pursuit of Balance because of the impact it had on his own life. Jacob was in the inaugural graduating class of Pursuit of Balance.



Certified POB Life Strategy Coach

Rachael Gaunce is a certified Pursuit of Balance Life Strategy Coach and an AMS Certified Montessori Early Childhood Teacher. She currently leads a classroom of 3-6 year old children at Sterling Montessori Academy and Charter School. She received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and her Master's of Education at Xavier University. Rachael has and continues to work with children in a variety of settings (from homes to different Montessori schools to traditional schools). She encompases the philosophies of both Montessori and Pursuit of Balance when working with young children.

Rachael was in the inaugural graduating class of Pursuit of Balance and is currently on track to become the Head of School with the future Pursuit of Balance Lifestyle School.



Certified POB Life Strategy Coach

Jennifer is a certified Pursuit of Balance Life Strategy Coach and a certified ICF Coach. Her mission is to be a catalyst for others to own their personal power and to live authentically. As a Pursuit of Balance Lifestyle Coach, she is able to coach and support individuals on their journey to live a life that brings them wholeness and peace. She also has many years of job experience spanning Learning and Development, Organizational Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Supply Chain and Customer Service. Jennifer has coached and consulted with leaders at all levels. She holds a master’s degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University and a bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Phoenix.

Jennifer is the founder of Jennifer Sanders Coaching, Heart Inspired Leader.




Kendra founded Pursuit of Balance in 2016. She is an impassioned teacher driven to empower individuals and organizations alike to understand, address and resolve pressing challenges, while helping to foster progressive learning and growth. Her approach guides individuals to lead a more confident life, while experiencing less psychological, physical and spiritual suffering. She draws upon over 20 years of experience in spiritual direction life coaching, teaching and leadership communication to educate and enable her clients across multiple disciplines and backgrounds. Kendra is devoted to guiding individuals to extraordinary outcomes through her collaborative insights, strategic coaching and experienced intuition.

Kendra is an accredited Professional Lifestyle Coach and Spiritual Director with over 10 years of research and development on patterned psychologies, behavior and suffering. She continually refines and updates her content and practices with a focus on individual empowerment and betterment.

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