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Balance is a word we hear all the time, and it could mean something different to all of us. This was the word I personally chose as my theme for the year. I was committed to feeling “peaceful” and I would do that by focusing on “balance.” Now that I’m reflecting on what balance can mean, its importance is affirming to me in so many different ways.

Literally, balance refers to the equilibrium of something. Then mindfully, it is inner-balance. When I feel my best or my highest self, I feel emotionally balanced. In teaching this to children, we start with the concrete and look at what balance means literally. By balancing your body through poses or placing objects on a scale and adding/removing until we bring them into balance. We then connect this idea to our inner selves, by connecting how it feels when we’re out of balance and how we can use our POB Practices to bring us back into a place of balance.

Pursuit of Balance has become my lifestyle over the past 6 years and it has allowed me to feel more balance, and/or bring myself back into balance when needed.

I believe balance is important in any situation. I’ve noticed when I travel, I feel best after a trip that was a balance of various activities. Same with life. We hear frequently the importance of work-life balance, which is essential. Additionally, balancing time with those you love and time for yourself (self-love). Balance between BEING and DOING. One of my favorite reminders is that we are human beings, not human doings. Therefore, although it’s important to focus and get things done, it’s equally (if not, more) important to just BE - in the present moment.

When we live a life in balance, we are able to work through the challenging times, feel more fulfilled, and have more harmony in ourselves. Therefore, let’s teach these skills to young children so they can begin and enjoy a life of peace and balance for many years to come!

With love & light,

Rachael Walston

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