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How to Prepare Both Yourself and Your Garden for Winter

With the changing of the season comes the time to prepare your garden and yourself for the winter. In doing so, you are setting both your garden and yourself up to thrive and grow in the spring.

To start your preparation, remove what no longer serves your space. For your garden, that may be dead leaves or plants. These prevent growth and can cause bacteria to grow. It can also smother your plants. For yourself personally, what no longer serves you may be thoughts or patterns or relationships. Release these so that you can grow anew and keep your dreams and path from being smothered.

Next, consider pruning your garden. Remove any damaged growth areas on the plants that you expect to return and continue to grow in the spring. To prune your intentions and patterns, take a look at the ones that you set last time. How can you trim them down to what you really need? These may not be things that no longer serve you, but may be things that need course-correcting. A shift in perspective or pathway.

Harvest the remaining produce or flowers that have been produced in the garden and enjoy! Honor what you have created. Personally, this takes the form of creating a gratitude list and reflecting on your growth over the summer and the spring season. Enjoy and be proud of yourself! Celebrate!

For your garden, your next step is to prepare a layer of protection like mulch. This helps insulate the soil, maintain the moisture, and protect the plants. Your personal layer of protection for the winter could be a daily practice or ritual to keep you present and grounded. What do you do daily that connects you to yourself and your higher power? What can you add into your routine that keeps you aligned with your highest-self path? A morning gratitude practice, a journal, a daily prayer or daily movement are all great options.

Watering your garden before the frost ensures that the plants are well-hydrated and helps to better equip them to survive the winter. The same is true for your body, continue a healthy diet and exercise routine for yourself. Although it is cold in the winter, you can find ways to continue to exercise. Yoga in your living room, going to the gym, or taking a neighborhood walk in warm clothes are a few examples.

Take care of your garden tools and equipment during the winter when they are being used less, clean and store them in an area where they will stay dry to prevent rust damage. Take care of your personal tools over the winter too. Clear your crystals with sage, use your essential oil diffuser for your space, or get a cute pen to use for journaling.

For your garden space, consider the wildlife that you share your space with. Clean and stock birdhouses to keep your avian neighbors warm and happy. Consider the relationships you share space with during this time. What can you do to keep the balance of what you give and get during this introspective season? How can you grow and fortify your relationships during this time?

Lastly, get excited about garden planning for the spring. You can take the down time during winter to plan what you will grow and nourish in the spring. What will the layout look like, which flowers will you choose for this season? Which produce? For yourself, use this time to dream big and figure out what your bigger picture is and what you want to manifest for your highest self. What brings you joy? What do you want to bring more of into your life? Set intentions during this time and use your daily practices to uphold this dream and vision in your head.

Using this guide, both you and your garden will be ready to flourish in the spring after a reflective and intuitive winter.

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