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Gratitude & Living Life Symbolically

In the Pursuit of Balance Program, we learn about Symbology and living a symbolic life. To live a symbolic life, we have to slow down enough to notice and experience what is occurring within and around us. Messages come from everywhere. Nature is one of the primary ways messages are transmitted.

I was recently on vacation which afforded me a chance to slow down and take in symbolic messages. On this day, the day before I was to go home, the Sunset began as a light pink with clouds of deep shades of blue. The muted colors were beautiful and matched my mood, a melancholy feeling about the end of a wonderful trip. As I continued to watch the sky, I began to express my gratitude for all of the special experiences during the trip and the memories I now have. As I expressed and felt gratitude, the sky began to change. The pink began to change in vibrancy, moving from pink to watermelon, and the beautiful colors in the sky were reflected on the water. As I watched this unfold in front of me, I began to feel a fiery feeling in my lower belly, my Sacral Chakra, the energy center in our body that supports creativity, inspiration, rebirth, and passion.

I realized, as a result of getting some time away, I had gained new insights, ideas for my business and a deeper commitment to my personal vision and purpose. With this realization, as I continued to watch the sky, I began to see wings in the watermelon glow of the Sunset. The evening sky reminds me of the power of expression and expansion. The Universe, helping me know I am where I am meant to be and I am ready to fly and embrace what is on the horizon.

I share this with you today to encourage you to practice slowing down and bringing your attention into the present moment. Interpreting symbolically requires being fully present to the moment and stretching our mind beyond the obvious. Once you are able to receive and interpret the messages, you will be amazed at the guidance and support provided to you!

With love and light,


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