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Yoga for Kids

If you have had the opportunity to experience the amazing benefits of yoga yourself, just imagine what it would be like to have those benefits starting at a young age… We may think children are not capable of doing something like yoga, when really we just have to make a few adjustments to the way it’s “taught” and they’re fully capable!

Yoga benefits a child physically as it allows them to become more flexible, strengthens muscles, builds endurance, teaches body awareness, strengthens both fine and gross motor skills, and balances their body in such an imperative stage of growth. It also benefits them socially and emotionally as it improves their emotional regulation, reduces stress and anxiety, builds self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, it builds their concentration and memory, which prepares them for school and all areas of life. It also grows their cultural awareness as they learn the history, origins, or different types of yoga.

In Pursuit of Balance, we have the POB Practices as some of our foundational pieces. These practices can be naturally implemented during Yoga sessions and help build a lifestyle of peace, confidence, and ease. Some of the POB Practices that relate to yoga are Focused Breathing, Self-Love, Mantra, What’s Going on in My Body, and Expressing Gratitude.

Yoga can be practiced in a wide variety of ways. For each child, it will look different - just like for each adult and their practice. The length of time will depend on the age of the child, but on average I’d aim for 10-15 mins.

Make it fun! Yoga can be themed. If your child is interested in outer space or sea animals, you can make the same traditional poses have different names/descriptions based on themes. This can be a great activity for the whole family together - benefiting everyone individually, but also building your family connection with a shared activity!

As always, reach out if you want to follow up with any questions or are interested in more specific resources!


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