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Align with Astrology

Do you follow the astrology seasons and moon phases? I love using astrology as a partner for my journaling each month. Every season and event with the moon brings up different energies and different parts of yourself to work with! We are given these opportunities for growth every month. This allows for me to explore different parts of myself and my highest self path every year.

The moon phases are typically more general. A new moon is the time to set your intentions for the month and visualize what you want to and can accomplish for that month. These things can be big or small. You can work on visualizing yourself with a wealth of abundance, or visualizing yourself starting your day with 5 minutes of meditation. Spend time during this moon phase visualizing your intentions for yourself. These intentions should coincide with an action that you will take to make your goals happen. During a full moon, the best energy to work with is focusing time and energy on your goals. Observe the progress that has or has not occurred from the last full moon. This is not a time to be harsh on yourself, just to notice if you have moved forward with the intentions that you set for yourself during the new moon. If you have moved forward, how can you continue to move forward? How else can you continue to grow? If you haven’t moved forward, ask yourself “What is my block?” Do you need to reevaluate your action items for your intentions? During the full moon time you should also release intentions, habits and thoughts that are no longer serving you. This allows you the space to get prepared for new intentions when the new moon comes again. Aligning yourself consciously and working with the universe’s energies can be beneficial for feeling connected to yourself and your life.

Each zodiac season offers a focus for that time. Leo season invites you to connect with what you love and prioritize the things that bring you joy in life. It is also a time to work on your self- love. Really knowing yourself can give you the confidence to handle any situation that comes your way. Knowing yourself includes learning about and accepting both the light and shadow aspects of yourself. Both are valuable to know and teach you many things about yourself. Lean into learning about what you love and what brings you joy this season. Journal everything you can think of that brings those emotions out of you. Do as many as you can this month. Notice how this makes you feel.

Explore using astrology and the moon as tools for your journaling this month! It can add a new element to your self-growth!

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