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Your Focus Matters

Being a grandparent gives me an opportunity to practice Present Moment Focused Awareness. Be here right now.

Life happens in a flash. In reflecting on this practice in my own life, I noticed the people who have been instrumental were always present for me. Even if they have passed, their presence with me will always be remembered. They made time to listen, share experiences, laugh easily and often and always made me feel like I mattered.

In my private practice working with kids or adults - Present Moment Focused Awareness is the first practice that is introduced. It is a crucial habit to incorporate, especially now with our short attention spans.

Regardless of your role to children, you could not make a more important practice to help shape their self-esteem and overall well-being than to let them know they matter.

I support parents/caregivers and children through teaching simple life skills. I am available for one-hour lessons for children, please contact for further information.

All my love,

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